What is Online School Management System? Some key features you must know

There is a good reason why school management software is so important nowadays. One of the reasons is surely the whole gamut of features it comes with. These features of course not only make life easy for the students but also for the school administrations. While talking about the various benefits of the school management system it is important for us to discuss the importance of the convenience of the online registration process. When new registration starts, it becomes imperative to provide online registration platform for the students to enroll. As everything on the single platform not only speeds up the whole process but also for administrators become easy to track all details in real time.

Unique ID for all students

The beauty of online school software is that it provides the student with a unique ID. Once the student starts the online registration process he will need to fill in the required details. After he has completed this step successfully, the school management system will generate a unique ID for the student which will be required for all other communications with the school further down the line. The unique ID establishes the fact that there can be no duplication of student’s data. The unique ID also helps in identifying a student’s academic data very easily. The eLearning platforms are making it easier and simpler both for the students and the school.

Admission management using school management software

It is needless to say that the process of admission is exceedingly pivotal. The data management at different steps becomes quite unmanageable. However with the introduction of eLearning and the online enrolment system it has become unbelievably easy. Whether it is managing the registrations or following up of the process, school management software does it all. the software has been designed to provide facilities of the admission manager to streamline the registration process.

Mobile apps for schools

A lot of schools nowadays are developing mobile apps for the students. This is making the process of payment of fees even easier. Smartphones are quite common these days and with a mobile application, the parents/guardian or the students can pay their fees anytime and anywhere. The mobile apps are also helping the schools to deliver important notifications regarding session beginnings, exams, interviews and other processes involved. With the help of these mobile applications, the students can get information regarding the admission criterion.

It can be fully customized

No two schools in the world are exactly alike when it comes to the way they operate and the processes and systems that they follow. A lot depends on the size of the school and that is why their needs and requirements would be different as well. No matter what it is, with good school management software, the school authority can shape the system as per your requirements.