Marketing and Automation in K-12 International Schools

Reimagining the parent journey is critical for private international schools, without which nowadays a school can be easily lost in the crowd. Gone are the days in which school investors thought that we will build and the school will be filled up in 2 years. The market has changed, marketeers and schools too have to change.

Most private international schools spend huge marketing dollars in promoting their schools to gain parent attention. Digital marketing campaigns can be very expensive and so is managing and maintaining all the digital collateral (websites and social media pages).

Now after making all that effort, no school would want to lose student enrollments and especially not due to lack of intelligent admission software that offers parents the convenience to make enquiries and submit student applications on the go.

Schools need to know where the enquiries are coming from and they need to be able to see the conversion funnel at every stage of the admission process. There may be very few student management softwares that can do this. Chiron was built to address this challenge: how to track a unique enquiry, through application, assessment, offer, registration, and admission.

Technology has changed the way schools communicate with parents. Student Information Systems (SIS) store and track all student information, including grades, attendance records, and much  more. SIS products are used by teachers, students, and parents to communicate all relevant information pertaining to a student’s schooling.

Admissions Management System (AMS) streamline and simplify the student acquisition process. Every academic year, schools and parents go through stress and at times even chaos and confusion during the admission season. This is especially evident in schools that work with manual admission processes or are using the wrong automation solution.

Here are the 7 most critical features every Student Information System must have:

7 Most Critical Features for School Management Solution | Student Information System | School ERP



Enquiry/Application/ Registration/Enrolment

  • Paperless applications
  • Manage admission enquiries (chats and callbacks)
  • Schedule school tours
  • Customisable online application and enrolment on mobile app and web
  • Schedule assessments
  • Engage the community with school events calendar and manage signups
  • Enquiry lead analytics
  • Conversion funnel through student acquisition journey


Fees/Invoices/ Reminders/Receipts

  • Customisable fees and discounts
  • Custom notifications and auto-reminder alerts
  • Automated invoices and receipts
  • Online payments (mobile) with payment gateway integration



  • Timetabling and scheduling
  • Attendance (grade and subject)
  • Assignment and assessment
  • Grading and reporting



  • Manage signups and payments for extracurricular activities
  • Manage field trip sign ups and payments
  • Online consent forms


Announcements, Messages, Notifications and Academic Calendar

  • Student Information Systems need to be integrated with robust alerting and communication systems to notify students, parents or teachers on emergencies and key events. Alerts need to be triggered on key events like student being absent or broadcasting announcements.


Book-keeping and financial reporting

  • Only few student information systems offer true accounting functionality. Tracking a school’s day to day expenses, income, receivables, payables, assets, inventories, bank and income, keeping all records of fees received and the defaulters will make work easier for educational institutions. Stay away from accounting software that doesn’t integrate with student information systems.


Cloud Enabled

  • Having a cloud-based Student Information System with no local on-premise footprint of server or software means less time and money spent on IT and more on broader education priorities.