Chiron takes care of the heavy lifting so that your staff has more time to do what they love: educate future generations.


Chiron’s web app helps school’s admission departments to manage and streamline the admission process as well as issue fee requests to parent. It allows for easy tracking of payments and processes and makes follow-ups a breeze.

Admissions Manager

•    Offer Seats & Receive Acceptance
•    Documents Controller
•    Waitlist Tracking
•    Registration & Class Lists
•    Fees Payments

Make the admission process more efficient: receive, sort, and shortlist applications through the Chiron web app. You can also receive and issue notices for application fees, registration fees, admission fees and other payment through the web platform.

Re-enrolment Manager

•    Comprehensive Dashboard
•    Configure & Send Forms
•    Track activities, Manage & Follow Up
•    Deposit Payments

Manage re-enrollments and track activities with Chiron. We make it effortless to track the status of re-enrollments and follow-up on applications. What’s more, you can even ask parents why they choose not to re-enroll so that you can fine-tune your performance.

Notification Manager

•    Push Notifications
•    SMS & Emails
•    Fee Reminders
•    Quick Announcements

Send notifications to parents on the mobile app, SMS, and email. You can send customized notifications for anything from fee reminders to event announcements.


Chiron’s intelligent insights on marketing, conversions, and more help school governors to analyse their performance and improve their investments and profit.

Realtime Analytics

•    Conversion
•    Demographics
•    Target & Variance Counts
•    Attrition Analysis

Receive detailed insights on earnings and investments in relation to school turnover and management. Chiron helps you conduct scientific analysis of leads and conversions in convenient and efficient graphs. We provide visual data on demographics, conversions, earnings, and more to help you make more informed decisions.

Campaign Manager

•    Offline Marketing Campaigns
•    Track Campaigns
•    ROI Measurement

Set up and track online and offline Marketing Campaigns. Measure ROI of various marketing channels against incurred costs. Set up interactive events with prospective students and their parents.


Chiron has a mobile app catering to parents to help them communicate faster and more efficiently with their children’s school. This white-labelled app comes with exciting features and can be completely configured to match your own brand, style, and vision.

Enquiry Manager

•    Explore the schools
•    Online Chat
•    Arrange Call Backs
•    Book a School Tour
•    Browse events

With the ‘school tour’ feature on the app, parents can explore and learn more about the school so as to make better choices for their children. A detailed school profile, online chat, and event manager enables parents to form a closer interaction with school

Applications Manager

•    One Application, Many Schools
•    Status Tracking
•    Assessment Scheduler
•    Easy Fees Payments

Parents can apply to schools directly through the app and track their admission status in real time. Apart from this, the app allows for assessment scheduling, easy fee payment, and a smoother cooperation between parents and schools to ensure that children get the best experience they can.

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